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About No Hassle Insurance

Here at No Hassle Insurance Agency, LLC. we pride ourselves in providing our clients with outstanding customer service, and unbeatable rates. We have over 18 years in the insurance industry and specialize in insuring your Business, Personal Auto, Home, Motorcycle, Commercial Auto, General Liability, Cargo, Property, Bonds and so much more. The agency principles that founded No Hassle Insurance Agency, LLC. came from two different insurance backgrounds. One specializing in the non-standard clientele (D.U.I.’s, youthful operators, multiple moving violations, SR-22 filings, etc.) and the other principle coming from the preferred clientele (years continuously insured, clean motor vehicle reports, homeowners, umbrella policies, multi-policies) Combining both backgrounds has given No Hassle Insurance Agency hands down the most insight, competitive rates and also access to a multitude of insurance carriers in the industry.

The scenario out in the media today is you can buy insurance all by yourself. Its as easy as buying a can of beans off the shelf at a grocery store. Nothing compares to a personal agent that you have access to who knows your needs, and knows you. Every agent at No Hassle Insurance is an individual with integrity and will always treat you with professionalism, and respect. They are trained to look out for their CLIENTS best interest not their own.

We believe as your lives change so should your insurance coverage’s. It is imperative that you have a personal preferred agent continuously monitoring your insurance policy/policies. As a client of No Hassle Insurance Agency your personal agent will pull your motor vehicle report on every renewal and shop the market of our over 55+ carriers, to insure you are receiving the best coverage for your needs and also the best competitive rate. We make it No Hassle to get you covered. With multiple pay options, multiple binding options, and multiple choices for coverage.


“Finally, a reputable company that looks out for my best interest, not their own. I never thought buying insurance would have been so easy. I called for a quick quote and before I knew it, I had a policy in my hands. Bravo!” – Eric Sandoval Sacramento, CA