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Accidents happen when you least expect them to happen, and when you are an owner of a building company, an accident can cost you your business! The buildings under construction are prone to way more damage than the fully constructed buildings. As the builder, you will be held liable for both the monetary and non-monetary damages. Therefore, it is wise to take the necessary steps to ensure your protection against costly building repairs, material replacements, and legal matters. The Builders Risk Insurance is what will serve as a protective shield for you in such situations!

Be it a commercial project or a residential building, we at No Hassle Insurance Agency, LLC., offer the best policies to protect your business from the wrath of legal matters and costly repairs. There is nothing you or your employees can do stop what is inevitable, unavoidable, and beyond your control. Why bear the stress or costs when you are not at fault? Choose No Hassle Insurance Agency, LLC., as your commercial insurance provider and do not let your business fall victim to legal claims and costly repairs!

Builders Risk Insurance

Vandalism, theft of materials on the construction site, damage due to hazards such as floods, fire, windstorms, or unavoidable accidents are the matters that are covered under the Builders Risk Insurance. As a result of any of these unfortunate events, it is most likely that your company is held responsible for all the losses. Our commercial insurance brokers are experienced enough to help you choose a builders risk insurance that suits your business requirements.

You do not have to be answerable for accidents or events that are just not in your control. Choose suitable builders risk insurance and protect your business against such claims.

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