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Driving Under Influence – DUI is a crime, and it may cost you your driving license. Not only will your license get suspended, but you will become a high-risk driver. Becoming a high-risk driver means you will have to pay higher auto insurance payments. If you are a DUI convicted driver, you will have to obtain an SR-22 form, which is also known as the SR-22 insurance. It is mandatory in some state to get the form after being convicted for DUI. Even if you live in a state where an SR-22 form is not a requirement, obtaining the SR-22 form is a smart choice after being convicted for DUI. Thinking as to why is it a smart choice? Well, SR-22 insurance will help you get your driving privileges reinstated.

The expert and experienced insurance brokers at No Hassle Insurance Agency, LLC, will help you get your SR-22 insurance with ease. Humans make mistakes and losing all your driving privileges for one mistake is not fair, and that is why you need SR-22 insurance.

SR-22 Insurance after DUI Conviction

SR stands for Safety Responsibility and is a document that needs to be filed by an auto insurance company. The primary purpose of the SR-22 insurance is to serve as a verification that a driver has enough insurance coverage to meet state requirements. If your license got confiscated after you were convicted for DUI, the SR-22 would help you get your license and other driving privileges back. After an insurance company files the SR-22 form, they will notify the government about your car insurance policy cancellations or renewals.

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